About Us

About Us

Established in 1977 as wholesale building materials distribution company, Cedar Creek provides wood products for the heart of America. Beginning as one yard in Oklahoma, we have since expanded our operations across the United States and offer a wide range of products that vary by region. Visit the locations of our distribution yards and see what product mix is available in your region.

Our Commitment

Cedar Creek commits to providing the highest quality products available from the most reputable vendors in North America and internationally. We are passionate about understanding our customer’s needs and strive to maintain competitiveness in an ever-changing market. We are also committed to giving back to the community and are involved on a branch level in charitable contributions.

Environmental Awareness

At Cedar Creek, we promote the practice of sustainable forestry and the conscientious use of our natural resources by offering "green" products from vendors who, like us, are committed to these measures. We continue to educate both our employees and customers on the benefits of “green” products and strive to maintain awareness of new initiatives or changes to government regulations.