Cedar Creek Timbers

Cedar Creek Timbers

Solid-Sawn Timbers For Interiors And Exteriors

Prized by Engineers for their strength | Architects for their style | Homeowners for their beauty

At Cedar Creek, we produce a variety of custom timber products and are committed to providing the finest milled wood products available.

Among the milling services offered by Cedar Creek is our ability to put “details” on the ends of Doug Fir, Western Red Cedar, Redwood, and Cypress Timbers, as well as Glulam Beams (depending on location). Below you'll find standard patterns we offer, but we can also provide custom milling services for customers who have their own detail designs.

Our expertise enables us to help customers find just the right products to suit their needs. From standard stocked patterns to fulfilling an architect, builder, or homeowner’s dream, Cedar Creek can do it all. Find out what timber product offering is available in your area.




Rough and Surfaced Timbers

  • “Saw-sized” rough
  • Smooth S4S
  • Custom finishes

Custom Milling

Send us your blueprints, drawings, or sketches.

Corbels and Rafter Tails


Brackets and Knee Braces


DFW Planer Running WRC to S4S 2

Western Red Cedar Timbers